The PTA runs several fundraisers throughout the year so that we can give back to our schools. 
Your property taxes cover buildings, staff salaries and pension, administration, and curriculum necessities, such as books, technology and equipment. The PTA provides everything else – academic and cultural enrichment programs, playgrounds, consultants, after school clubs, multicultural activities, field trips, and the list goes on.
The National PTA’s mission statement is “to make every child's potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children.” To carry out our mission, we must raise funds, but fundraising is NOT our mission.
We hope that helps you understand us – and our fundraising initiatives – a bit more. We’ve highlighted some of our ongoing programs below and hope that when you patronize our local benefactors, you’ll say thank you, on behalf of the students of Greenville and Seely Place.
Welcome Back Carnival: This is a great way to kick off the school year!  Held annually on the first Friday of school, this event is fun for the whole family. Join us for a BBQ, games, and ice cream. Visit the tables of community organizations and meet new neighbors and friends!
Cultural Arts & STEM: This committe brings very exciting programs into our schools like authors, storytellers, poets and illustrators. They bring in performing artists for schoolwide assemblies, science programs like Dirtmeister and Hands on Science, Day in Clay workshops, and also fund an array of activities like ticket costs for museum visits and assemblies that celebrate Cultural Heritage Day.
Festival of Nations: Run by our Multi-Cultural Committee, the Festival of Nations is an amazing event that highlights and celebrates the cultural diversity in Edgemont. 
Science Fair: The Science Fair is open to all students in grades 2-6.  Students work on a science project either individually or in groups and display their projects at the fair. It is not a competition, but instead a fun way for students to learn about a scientific area that interests them and showcases what they've learned.
Theatrical Production: Each spring we work in conjunction with an outisde company to produce the Elementary School play. 
In addition to these fabulous programs, we offer many more like Math Olympiads, Parent/Child Book Club, Health Fair, and School Photos, to mention a few.
Donate directly to the PTA here. All donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.