Did you know that the PTA's Cultural Arts and STEM committees work diligently with the elementary schools throughout the year to provide enrichment programming for all students in every grade? These committees bring our children many of their favorite school experiences, from making apple cider to the Tanglewood Marionettes' amazing puppet theater. Keep scrolling to read about the programs we have sponsored so far. All of the Cultural Arts/STEM programs are funded by the PTA, and they are the direct result of your continued support. As always, we thank you!




The Potsdam Pointercounts, an acapella group, visited both Greenville and Seely Place in December. The Pointercounts dedicate themselves to educating students of all ages about a cappella music and bringing the love of the arts into schools. The Pointercounts perform a variety of styles of music to engage the creative mind and spirit of students and adults alike through educational workshops and performances.


Folk Musician Jim Keyes visited the Kindergarten and ICAP classes in December.

Jim Keyes is a multi-instrumentalist, performer, songwriter, and composer. He’s as likely to be heard playing original songs on an electric guitar in the rock band Hot Rod Pacer as he is singing 18th century ballads in Colonial garb.

Seely Place

For this school year, the Seely STEM committee has purchased kits from the Breakout EDU program for Grades 4, 5, and 6. It is a challenge STEM learning games/activity platform, where students can work as teams to solve different puzzles while learning. https://www.breakoutedu.com/

Story Pirates, improv performers, return to present the New Story Show where they will act out 4 or 5 different stories based upon the stories written by Seely Place 4th and 5th graders.
The New Story Show will be seen by grades 3-6.




Cultural Arts arranged for the 2nd grades from Greenville and Seely Place to tour Wayside Cottage, one of the oldest preserved residences in the United States. The Junior League of Central Westchester maintains the property and provides tours. Believed to be from around 1715, it is a restored home that reflects life in the colonial period. The tour guides are dressed in period costumes and describe their daily activities during Colonial Times. Former CA chair, Laura Kim, leads our tours every year. 


1st graders learned about Apple Cidering with The Nature of Things, using a beautiful maple-wood press.

Seely Place

Tanglewood Marionettes performed the story of Cinderella for K-3rd grades and 4-6th grades. The puppeteers did a workshop with each of the sixth grade classes after the performances. The 6th graders learned how to work the complex controls of the puppets. The Tanglewood Marionettes are amazing - they write their own scripts, make soundtracks, and make their own puppets as well as all of the sets. 

ICAP @ Greenville

Giving Retriever visited ICAP classes and it was a tremendous success! The dog’s name is Simon and his trainer’s name is Heidi. The students practiced brushing Simon from head to tail and he really seemed to enjoy it! Everyone had a chance to put a few pieces of food down and then tell Simon “go eat”! In addition, each student got to play fetch by placing a play rope on the floor and telling Simon to “go get it”. It was a wonderful experience!





Helen Perelman, Candy Fairies author and Edgemont parent, spoke to the 1st graders in October. Helen leads writing workshops that showcase the process of writing. As a former camp counselor, youth group director, and children’s book editor, Helen enjoys talking to kids about books and writing.

Seely Place

Hands on Science with Mr. Greene gave a workshop called "Terra-Not-So-Firma" to 3rd Grade students, where he introduced the earth structure, continental movements, and other basic geological concepts.

Story Pirates, improv performers, came for an Idea Storm with the 4th and 5th grades. They take suggestions from the audience to create stories on the spot, while also introducing key elements of writing stories, such as plot, character, obstacle, and resolution. The students then wrote their own stories and submitted them to the Story Pirates. On 12/6, they will be back to present the New Story Show, where they will act out 4 or 5 different stories based upon the stories written by the 4th and 5th graders. The New Story Show will be seen by grades 3-6.