The Edgemont PTA is entirely funded by your generous contributions and our hardworking fundraising committees, including After School Clubs, Book Fair, Pizza Days, and Spring Fete.  

We contributed over $450,000 this year to support Greenville and Seely Place Elementary Schools, their students, and faculty. Of these funds, $200,000 was granted towards innovative furniture for classrooms, which your children will be using starting in September 2019!

Here are a few other highlights from the 2018-19 school year:


  • Beanbag pods for the Library

  • Cirque de Greenville, with performances by 5th and 6th graders

  • Earth Day Recycling program with the Greenburgh Nature Center

  • Performances by Tanglewood Marionettes and Potsdam Pointercounts

  • Kindergarten - author David Ezra Stein, Arch4Kids, musician Jim Keyes, storyteller LuAnn Adams, and Meet the Animals with The Nature of Things

  • 1st Grade - authors Laura Marsh and Helen Perelman, poet Ted Scheu and storyteller LuAnn Adams, superhero homes with Arch4Kids, and Apple cidering with The Nature of Things

  • 2nd Grade - author Laura Marsh, poetry workshop with LuAnn Adams,

    Story Pirates narrative writing workshop, and the Dirtmeister (Magnificent Matter)

  • 3rd Grade - authors Laura Marsh and Tommy Greenwald, Multicultural Dance with Ramzi Dance, Day in Clay, the Westchester Philharmonic, writing workshop with Tom McKean, and the Dirtmeister (Magnificent Matter)

  • 4th Grade - the Dirtmeister (Forces), author Tommy Greenwald, the Colonial Fair, and poetry workshop with Ted Scheu

  • 5th Grade - author Tommy Greenwald, the Dirtmeister (Electricity), Center for Architecture, and the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia

  • 6th Grade - the Dirtmeister (Chemistry), author Tommy Greenwald, and contributions towards 6th Grade Camp

  • ICAP - musician Jim Keyes, Meet the Animals, and Canine Therapy

Seely Place

  • Classroom Games for Rainy Days

  • Poster Printer for Art

  • Earth Day Educational Fair featuring Curious on Hudson, Greenburgh Nature Center and Nature of Things

  • Seely Circus, featuring performances by 5th and 6th graders

  • Performances by Tanglewood Marionettes and Potsdam Pointercounts

  • Native American assembly and workshop

  • Kindergarten - Ozobots, Rainbow Fish performance at Emelin Theater, a visit from musician Jim Keyes

  • 1st Grade - ROBOTIS PLAY, Glimpse of Africa with Batingua Arts, LuAnn Adams Storytelling workshop

  • 2nd Grade - Outdoor Garden Project, Clay Arts featuring birds, a visit to Wayside Cottage, Poetry with Pamela Hart

  • 3rd Grade - Dirtmeister Workshop, Multicultural Dance with Ramzi Dance, a trip to Westchester Philharmonic 

  • 4th Grade - Colonial Fair, Amish Gourd Day,  the Dirtmeister (Force), author visit by David Nielson, Clay Arts featuring masks

  • 5th Grade - Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, Makey Makey Kit, Story Pirates, a trip to Storm King Sculpture Garden

  • 6th Grade - Contributions towards 6th Grade Camp, Metropolitan Museum of Art trip, STEM supplies

Thank you for supporting the Edgemont PTA. Our 2019-2020 board will be working hard over the coming months to plan another successful year. Have a wonderful summer!

Lorraine Judge (SP) and Fred Carret (GV), PTA Co-Presidents of 2018-2019